International Women’s Day 2014 – an Address by Prof Kerry Arabena

kaProfessor Kerry Arabena is the chair of Indigenous Health at the Melbourne School of Population and Health. On the eve of International Women’s Day 2014, Professor Arabena delivered an address exploring proposed changes to the Australian Constitution and how these will impact the understanding and delivery of health services to women in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.  Watch her lecture here.

The Application Form is Live!

omalley scholarsThe application form for the 2015 King & Amy O’Malley Trust scholarships is now available here.  Remember to read the instructions carefully, and pay particular attention to the attachments checklist on page 9!  Closing date for all applications is the 25th of July 2014.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at  Good luck to all applicants!

King O’Malley and the Canberra Time Capsule

omalley bustThis bust of King O’Malley has just been placed in a time capsule designed to capture life in Canberra in 2013.  Among the 100 items included are a toe from the Skywhale prototype, a parking fine, an ACT number plate, restaurant menus, letters, photographs, a Legislative Assembly lanyard, annual reports and artwork inspired by the national capital.The capsule will remained sealed for a century.  Read more here.

The Legend of King O’Malley

KOMJust look what’s playing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival!  Running at La Mama Theatre from the 9th to the 20th of April, it bills itself as ‘a story so grand it couldn’t possibly be the whole truth’! Tickets are $25 (full) or $15 (concession) and can be booked up until 4pm on the day of the performance or at the door. Fore more information, click here.