April Lewis-Christie
April Lewis-Christie

Bachelor of Education, Design & Technology/Home Economics at University of South Australia (SA)

The scholarship has given me further confidence that I can achieve my goal in becoming a Home Economics teacher. While attaining my goal I will take every opportunity to assist my fellow University students in reaching their goals and contribute to the Home Economics community.  Most importantly of all, I will share the knowledge I have gained with my future students and help them become the best that they can be.  


C Benkovic 2013
Crystal Benkovic

Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Home Economics/Design & Technology at Avondale College of Higher Education (NSW)

The scholarship helped me to remind myself about the significance my career choice has on the local community. Through the application process I was able to assess the importance of a Home Economics teacher and also re-establish my goals within this field. This helped me to set and strive towards my goals as a professional teacher and to hopefully benefit the lives of my students. Through This I will help them to change their family’s knowledge and relationships towards health and wellbeing.


Clare FitzPatrick 2013
Clare FitzPatrick

Bachelor of Education, Design & Technology at University of Tasmania (TAS)

The King and Amy O’Malley scholarship has helped me a lot this year. It has allowed me to reduce the number of hours I had to work to be able to support myself through my studies. It has assisted me in the financial stresses I was facing, from living expenses to university costs as well as the cost of living away from home to be able to study. The scholarship has also allowed me to purchase a range of books and other resources that I will be able to use in the future when I am a qualified teacher.


Daniel Baldwin
Daniel Baldwin

Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (VIC)

Looking to 2014 …I will now begin my career enthused and well prepared thanks to the Trust and look forward to teaching young people about health and wellbeing and providing them with life skills they can apply in their adult lives. … I would encourage any student studying home economics to apply for a scholarship with the King and Amy O’Malley Trust. The application alone is a valuable experience and the scholarship provides scholars with a myriad of benefits.


Elyse Warner
Elyse Warner

PhD – When Young Adults Return Home: Experiences of Australian Families at Deakin University (VIC)

Personally consider the two scholarships I have received to be great achievements, not only in terms of being recognised for the work I have already done but also for what they have encouraged me to pursue.  I have not only been exposed to opportunities I otherwise would not have had but, as a scholar, I have also felt it has been my duty to work harder; this has meant I have sought opportunities that I would have otherwise overlooked.  While this has allowed me to develop knowledge and skills that will assist me as I move forward in my professional career, it has more importantly encouraged me to continue to strive towards my personal best in all that I do.  This, in my opinion, is where the true value of the King and Amy O’Malley Scholarship lies.


Emily May Kramer
Emily Kramer

Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Home Economics at Queensland University of Technology (QLD)

When considering applying for the scholarship I felt that I was not doing enough for my community and for others around me to even think about such a privilege of a scholarship. This scholarship further encouraged me to seek additional volunteer opportunities of which I have since become involved in AIME through QUT as well as volunteering at the Wonder Factory at the Royal Children’s Hospital. Since beginning my time with both volunteer organisations I cannot imagine my life without it, to see face to face that I can make a difference to the life of another individual and their family creates a sense of feeling for me that cannot be described in words.


FHudson 2013
Fern Hudson

Bachelor of Education, Design & Technology/Home Economics at University of South Australia (SA)

An unexpected outcome for me in receiving the scholarship was becoming involved in HEIA (SA) and the opportunity to meet and network with many Home Economics educators, as a guest at World Home Economics Day brunch, becoming a HEIA (SA) member, and at the most recent AGM I was appointed Student Representative for 2014. I am looking forward to sitting on the executive committee, strengthening both my understanding of the profession, and my relationships with other Home Economics educators.


Fiona Gunthorpe 2013
Fiona Gunthorpe

Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Home Economics at Queensland University of Technology (QLD)

One of the most important aspects of the scholarship is being recognised and accepted by a group of passionate experts who continually advocate for the advancement of their profession.  This drives and motivates me to achieve the very best results that I can and to a future as an inspirational Home Economics Teacher. 



helen vidgen 2013
Helen Vidgen

PhD – Food Literacy: What is it and Does it Influence What We Eat? A Case Study of Young People Leaving Home at Queensland University of Technology (QLD)

2013 was spent writing my final dissertation, presenting my work and contributing my research to the evidence base.  The King and Amy O’Malley scholarship was used to support this.  It contributed to travel expenses for me to present my work at the First International Conference on Global Food Security in the Netherlands and the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation.   More importantly, it “bought” me some time to focus on writing so I could complete my thesis before returning to work.  As a mother of two primary school aged children this allowed me to still comfortably fulfil my family obligations, which was a great gift. 



Jessica Saxon 2013
Jessica Saxon

Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts (Technology) at Australian Catholic University (NSW)

As a result of the scholarship, I feel I would not have had the motivation to achieve high academic results from the end of 2011 when receiving the letter.  Achieving this Scholarship has provided me to deep think about myself and gain some self-confidence.  Additionally, I have come to recognise that I have unique strengths and abilities that are of value to the profession, especially when learned with others.  The funds I feel have gone to providing vital resources for the future and created the family link to my own home with a vegetable garden and an environment where I can study.



KDrake 2013
Kelly Drake

Bachelor of Arts, Education/Bachelor of Social Sciences, Home Economics at Edith Cowan University (WA)

During the year I was privileged to participate in the Prepare Produce Provide program, a community project in conjunction with crown Perth, Foodbank WA, local producers and WA High schools to prepare over 5000 meals for those in need, from donated, overstocked and usable food waste…


Lucy Grove 2013
Lucy Grove

Bachelor of Education at University of Tasmania (TAS)

This scholarship has given me so much more than financial support. I always thought I knew who I was as a person and the kind of teacher in aimed to become however, this was not the case. The application process compelled me to place my attitudes, beliefs, future goals and educational philosophy under the microscope and in doing so, truly understand myself from a personal and professional perspective… I would urge anyone to apply for the scholarship and whether successful or not the process is such a valuable experience.


Megan Crichton 2013
Megan Crichton

Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics at University of the Sunshine Coast (QLD)

I am forever grateful for this scholarship opportunity, not only for financial support … but for the motivation it has given me to succeed in my studies and to promote the important area of Home Economics; food and nutrition. I aim to continue to spread the word about this scholarship to raise the awareness of the importance of Home Economics in Australia and promote this amazing opportunity which I believe has been a huge contributor in not only obtaining pleasing academic results but also thoroughly enjoying what I am doing.


omalley scholars
Naomi McQueen

Bachelor of Education, Design & Technology/Home Economics at University of South Australia (SA)

The scholarship this year has been fantastic in providing me with support in paying bills and a safety net when studies became too much and work was reduced.  I am grateful for being a recipient of the King and O’Malley scholarship; it has helped to make my time studying an area that I am passionate about more enjoyable.


Nikki French 2013
Nikki French

Bachelor of Social Science/Bachelor of Education at Edith Cowan University (WA)

Receiving the King and Amy O’Malley Scholarship has helped me to achieve to a standard that would not have been possible otherwise.  I believe that I have been provided with experiences that many others do not have the opportunity to partake in.  I would encourage anyone who is eligible to apply … as the application process is so beneficial and, if you are lucky enough to be awarded the scholarship, it provides you with so many opportunities to enhance your knowledge and be the best you can be in our industry. 


PA Reynolds 2013
Polly Anna Reynolds

Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Home Economics/History at Queensland University of Technology (QLD)

Upon finalising my grades for the degree, I was surprised to discover that I would be graduating from Queensland University of Technology with first class honours. I would not have been able to achieve this without the financial aid of the scholarship.  An extra source of income meant that I was able to work less in my casual job and dedicate myself to my studies. The financial aid from the scholarship also allowed me to save money, which took the stress away from having time off work to complete my twelve weeks of practical experience throughout the year.


Pep Bennett 2013
Pepita Bennett

Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Home Economics at Queensland University of Technology (QLD)

As I am dedicated to my career and professional development I have used my last scholarship instalment to complete a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.  This certificate will increase my employability on graduation as it will enable me to teach Vocational subjects within the Home Economics subject area in my future teaching positions. 


Teresa Wedley 2013
Teresa Wedley

Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Home Economics at Queensland University of Technology (QLD)

If my final year of study has given me anything, it has provided me with the confidence to believe in what I am teaching and my ability to instil the value of Home Economics within my classrooms. The O’Malley Trust has assisted in leading me to the point by allowing me to experience and take part in opportunities that may have not otherwise been available to me. For this I am particularly grateful and I believe it will aid benefit to the learning experiences I create and provide in the years to come.


Thea Werkhoven

PhD – Promoting Fitness not Fatness: A Program to Reduce Anti-Fat Attitudes and Weight Prejudice Among Trainee Health and Physical Education Teachers at University of Sydney (NSW)

Ways that the scholarship has helped me have been numerous. Without it I would have been unable to complete a five day intensive course in advanced statistical analyses in preparation to make sense of my collected data and I would have been more pressured to make ends meet while studying. Another important element of being a scholarship recipient has been the knowledge that support exist outside of the bubble of immediate people involved in my education and research who have faith in the capacity, capability and possible outcomes of the research I am conducting.



King & Amy O’Malley Trust awards annual undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships for students applying for or enrolled in tertiary Home Economics or equivalent programs, such as Consumer Science, Family and Consumer Studies.