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Am I eligible to apply for a scholarship?

  • You need to be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia.
  • Undergraduate applicants must be enrolled in a full-time study load.
  • Your proposed course must be related to Home Economics – Teaching, Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics, Child and Family Studies, Community Studies, Consumer Science, etc.
  • You must be studying for the full academic calendar year in which you apply.

How do I begin my application?

Download either an Undergraduate or Postgraduate form from the Application page of our website. ‘Save As’ with the file name of your name and the year you apply, eg. “John Smith 2022”. You can now come back to work on this form whenever you like.

How do I get my referees to fill out their Referee forms?

You can either direct them to the Applications page so that they can download and fill out the Referee form, or you can download the form and email it to them.

How do my referees return their Referee forms?

They can either email them directly to us at or return them to you to be sent in with your application.

What are the six program criteria mentioned in the application form?

  1. Provide opportunities to gain an understanding of family well-being and its links with Home Economics.
  2. Include a study and critical reflection of the changing needs of families and of the individual over their lifespans, the factors that influence these needs in times of social, cultural and economic change and how they are met with a Home Economics focus.
  3. Provide opportunities to develop an understanding of the knowledge, skills and abilities needed by individuals and families to participate effectively in changing times.
  4. Include the study and application of the management of household and family resources in ways which will enhance family well-being and respect for the natural environment.
  5. Provide for a substantial study of two aspects related to family well-being such as food, nutrition, consumer issues, family studies, textiles and housing.
  6. Provide opportunities to gain the knowledge, skills and abilities to act in an educative, practical and advocacy role for families and households within a Home Economics focus.

Why does the ‘submit’ button not work on my application or referee form?

If you do not have an automated email program such as outlook or similar set up on your computer, the submit button will not work. Do not worry, just save them as compressed files and email them to us at instead.

When do applications for the King & Amy O’Malley Trust scholarships close? 

The last Friday of July each year – In 2021, this will be Friday 30 July. *Note that you will be applying for a scholarship in the following calendar year, ie. 2022.

King & Amy O’Malley Trust awards annual undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships for students applying for or enrolled in tertiary Home Economics or equivalent programs, such as Consumer Science, Family and Consumer Studies.