How do I begin my application?

Download either an Undergraduate or Postgraduate form from the Application page of our website. ‘Save As’ with the file name of your name and the year you apply, eg. ‘John Smith 2022’. You can now come back to work on this form whenever you like.

How do I get my referees to fill out their Referee forms?

You can either direct them to the Applications page so that they can download and fill out the Referee form, or you can download the form and email it to them.

How do my referees return their Referee forms?

They can either email the form directly to us at enquiries@omalleytrust.org.au or return the form to you to be sent in with your application.

Why does the ‘submit’ button not work on my application or referee form?

If you do not have an automated email program such as Outlook or similar set up on your computer, the submit button will not work. Do not worry, just save them as compressed files and email them to us at enquiries@omalleytrust.org.au instead.

How much are the scholarships worth?

  1. Full-time Undergraduate scholars receive $6500 per year.
  2. Part-time Undergraduate scholars receive $3250 per year.
  3. Full-time Postgraduate scholars receive $9500 per year.
  4. Part-time Postgraduate scholars receive $4750 per year.

What is the duration of the scholarship?

  1. Undergraduate scholarships are awarded for one year, with the option to reapply annually for up to three additional years.

  2. Postgraduate scholarships can be awarded for up to three additional years, without having to reapply each year, subject to satisfactory progress reports and agreement conditions.

How are the scholarships paid?

Scholars receive four payments throughout the year on receipt of supporting documentation.

Can I vary, defer or discontinue my study?

A scholarship is granted to undertake a particular program, of a particular length, at a particular institution, and from a particular date. The Advisory Committee may decide not to continue the scholarship if the program is varied, deferred or discontinued.

A scholar must notify the Advisory Committee in writing immediately if they:

  1. Seek to vary, or become aware there will be a variation to, the content, duration or location of their study program
  2. Seek to discontinue study in the program for which the scholarship was granted.

Can I apply if I wish to study overseas?

Yes, but scholars studying abroad are required to agree to return to Australia within 6 months of completing their program of study.

Do I need to be enrolled in the full academic year if I am successful in obtaining a scholarship?


Can International students apply for the scholarship?

Citizens of other countries studying in Australia are required to provide evidence of their intention to remain permanent residents in Australia. They should submit authenticated photocopies of the identification and visa pages from their passport showing their permanent residency status.

Are the scholarships subject to tax?

The Australian Taxation Office does not consider the scholarship as taxable income for students receiving full time education under sub-section 23(z) of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

How many scholarships are awarded each year?

Up to 30 scholarships may be awarded annually Australia-wide: 1 for the ACT and NT, 3 each for SA, TAS and WA, 5 for QLD and 7 each for NSW and VIC. These numbers can vary depending on the number and quality of the applications from each state.

Can I apply for a scholarship if I haven’t started my intended program of study?

Yes you can submit an application and be considered for a scholarship if you are not currently enrolled. If you are successful, an Offer of Admission is required from the relevant institution for the intended program of study (in the following year).

Where can I study Home Economics?

The Home Economics Institute of Australia (HEIA) has a list of Australian universities offering courses to become a home economist or home economics teacher here.

What careers are available in the field of Home Economics?

HEIA talks about working within the Home Economics profession here.

Where can I study Nutrition and Dietetics?

The Dietitians Australia lists the courses available at Australian universities here.

Please email us at enquiries@omalleytrust.org.au if you have any other queries.