The King & Amy O’Malley Trust awards annual undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships for students applying for or enrolled in tertiary Home Economics or equivalent programs, such as Consumer Science, Family and Consumer Studies, Food and Nutrition, Teacher Education.

Annual scholarships are available for:

  1. full-time undergraduate study to undertake one year only of an eligible undergraduate program, for the calendar year following the year the scholar was selected, with the opportunity to reapply for up to three additional years ($5000)
  2. full-time postgraduate study to undertake up to three years of a postgraduate program, subject to satisfactory program reports ($7500)
  3. part-time postgraduate study – study which is less than full time but not less than half-time ($3750)

Scholarship selection criteria is based on:

  1. academic performance;
  2. professional goals in Home Economics;
  3. personal and leadership attributes;
  4. potential to contribute to the Home Economics profession.

Eligibility of a particular year level

The program eligibility criteria apply to the applicant’s whole program, rather than the year of study for which they seek a scholarship. Hence, the applicant must:

  1. outline the total program
  2. demonstrate that they will address all criteria at some stage during their program, not necessarily during the year for which they seek a scholarship.

Eligibility for an Undergraduate scholarship

An applicant for an undergraduate scholarship must intend to undertake an eligible undergraduate program full-time. An undergraduate scholar may apply for a further scholarship, but no applicant will be awarded more than four full-time scholarships or the equivalent number of part-time scholarships.

Eligibility for a Postgraduate scholarship

The applicant for a postgraduate scholarship must intend to undertake an eligible postgraduate program full-time or part-time. They can be awarded a scholarship for up to three years, subject to satisfactory subject reports. They must have:

an undergraduate qualification which meets all the program criteria AND their proposed postgraduate program must meet one or more of the program criteria OR

an undergraduate qualification which meets one or more of the program criteria and their proposed postgraduate program must meet all the program criteria

Eligibility of an overseas program

Scholarships are ordinarily for eligible programs at institutions in Australia. If the program is not available in Australia, the Advisory Committee may award a scholarship for study at an overseas institution.

An applicant for a scholarship intending to study overseas and required by the institution to follow an academic year which does not coincide with the calendar year may be granted a scholarship for the academic year.

Scholarship criteria

Professional goals –

  1. Clear career intentions to work in an educative and advocacy role for families and households
  2. The potential to work in a leadership role and make a professional contribution to fields related to Home Economics
  3. Broad and deep knowledge about Home Economics and its role in society
  4. A current involvement in Home Economics or related professional associations

Academic potential –

  1. High grades, normally Distinction average and having passed all subjects at the first attempt
  2. A capacity for critical and analytical thinking
  3. The potential to succeed academically at a high level

Personal attributes –

  1. The persistence and motivation to achieve
  2. Integrity, maturity and leadership qualities
  3. An ethic of service
  4. A commitment to inclusivity and social justice
  5. Sensitivity in dealing with a range of people and issues
  6. The ability to work collaboratively
  7. Well-developed communication skills